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What parents say about Gecko Garden School

I’m so impressed with the teachers and the program at Gecko Garden School and sending my daughter there was the best decision. She loves her teachers and all the staff at the school, often referring to them as her best friends. This is testament to their skill and their love for the children. She has learned so much, all through well planned, play-based learning. We’re looking forward to the next two years!
Mother of a two year old, Canada

The first thing that hits you when you walk through the Gecko Garden School gates is a massive wave of warmth. There is a sense of belonging, a feeling of joy, and the sounds of happiness resonating from behind those magic gates that warms our hearts. To be able to leave our child (and soon to be our children) in an environment where they are not just nurtured, but loved as well, is a testament to how everyone in the school truly believes in what they do. Kudos and thank you everyone at Gecko Garden!
Mother of a two year old, India & Sri Lanka

As a parent, seeing our daughter go to school with a smile, come back home and share with us songs and dances she learnt at school is the best sign that we made the right choice enrolling her at Gecko Garden School. She has very nice friends and teachers and is so excited to see them every morning!
Mother of a three year old, France

My child grew in confidence over the past year at Gecko Garden School which I think is in a large part due to the gentle and positive approach of the teachers at the school.
Mother of a two year old, Canada

To be honest I didn’t search extensively for a preschool for our child. As soon as we entered Gecko Garden School I could tell that he would be happy growing and developing here with such an experienced group of teachers. [I was confident] that my child would be growing up in a community and not just another child in a system.
Father of a four year old, United Kingdom

Of all the things we love about Phnom Penh, Gecko Garden School is at the top of the list! Our son is thriving with the guidance and encouragement of his wonderful teachers and teacher assistants. He loves going to school! We love being part of this amazing community of talented teachers and dedicated parents.
Mother of two year old, USA

It’s the most wonderful feeling when your children are excited to go to school. Gecko Garden School has been a second family for our children. I trust the staff 100% to care for my kids the way I do.
Mother of a two and a five year old, Australia

Thank you Gecko Garden School for providing my daughter with loving and caring teachers who have many years experience with children. On my daughter’s first day she walked in with her head down but came out with confidence! Most importantly she is able to interact with other kids from different backgrounds and cultures. It’s a wonderful place for preschoolers to experience learning from a young age.
Mother of a three year old, Cambodia

The instant we walk through the gate we feel this warm and welcoming atmosphere, so different from my previous experiences! I also love that I can be so involved in my children’s first years in school. I won’t have that chance much longer!
Mother of a two and a four year old, France

We chose Gecko Garden School because many friends recommended it but, even then, I wasn’t prepared for how much it would impress me. The teaching staff are dedicated and caring beyond belief and my son is so happy there. He spends all his time playing and having fun yet he’s also constantly learning….
Mother of a two year old, New Zealand

We couldn’t be more pleased with our experience at Gecko Garden School. Both of our children have been enrolled here.The focus on a play-based curriculum was what initially drew us to Gecko Garden School, however it was the wonderfully happy relationships our children built with their teachers and peers which pleased us the most and which ultimately has made their lives in Phnom Penh so enjoyable.
Father of a three year old, Australia

My kids are really happy to go to school every day. They cry when they are sick and not allowed to go!
Mother of a two year old and five year old, Cambodia

After taking a short detour with another preschool we opted to enrol both of our girls at Gecko Garden School, which definitely turned out to be the best decision. We immediately felt the warmth of the school as we stepped in. The lovely teachers, the size, as well as being parent-run gives a super homey feeling, where my girls love to come every day. We particularly love the creativity of the teachers with arts and crafts – I am surprised every day with a new masterpiece brought home.
Mother of a two and a four year old, Hungary