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Preparing for the first day

The first day of a school is always a big day for students, parents and teachers. For some there is a degree of anxiety as students take their first steps away from home or switch to a new school, and for others it is filled with excitement.

Gecko Garden School makes every effort to support the child as they begin school, and gently transition them to the new environment. Each child is paired with a teacher who is that child’s designated care-taker. Although all teachers care for all children at all times, this teacher will develop a special bond with the child, and may be the one the child feels the closest to in the event they need special support. Parents are encouraged to work with the class Head Teacher to create a strategy to support each child settling in. For children who have not yet been exposed to English prior to starting school, they are supported in their native language if possible while learning. We suggest a one-week trial period prior to enrolment to familiarise your family with the school. This trial week is offered provided there is space immediately available in the class, free of charge.

Morning Tea and Full-Day Lunch

The importance of food in nourishing and sustaining both human life and a sense of community can not be overstated. Gecko Garden School’s curriculum includes a wholesome morning tea, which the children help to prepare, and lunch for the full day program. These are a non-optional part of the program offering, and are included in the program fee. This is both to encourage healthy eating, and to instill in children the sense of care and community that goes into the preparation and partaking together of a meal. Plentiful filtered drinking water is provided for all children during the day, in reusable cups.

Children with special dietary considerations will be accommodated, as it is important that all children eat the same food.

Please note that additional food, especially sugary drinks, fruit juices, soda, candy, sweets, and chocolate, should not be brought to school. If a child does bring food from home, the food will be kept in the refrigerator and may be picked up at the day’s end. This is to encourage all children to develop a taste for healthy food, without the distractions of alternative food.

School clothes

The best clothes for school are light, loose play clothing made of cotton and other natural fibers. Please send your child in sturdy shoes that are suitable for active outdoor play. We recommend that your child wears simple clothes with no potentially distracting graphics. We also recommend you apply sunscreen and mosquito repellent to your child before school each morning.

What to Bring to School

Please check your child’s backpack each day and ensure they have the following items, labeled with their name:

  • A complete change of clothes (including underwear);
  • Nappies/diapers and wipes (if applicable);
  • Mosquito spray;
  • Sunscreen; and
  • A sunhat.

What to Leave at Home

Please limit the toys, purses, jewelry, food, water bottles, milk bottles, watches, games, books, etc. that your child brings to school. Such items cause difficult social interactions between children and are often lost or broken. As an alternative, we suggest children may like to bring interesting items from nature to share. Also, we ask that in keeping with our Environmental Policy, parents carefully consider the materials used in the children’s things, and strive to send natural and reusable materials.

Gate Passes

Gecko Garden School issues gate passes for parents and individuals who have parental permission to collect children from school. Please visit the office and arrange for gate passes prior to your first day of school.