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There are many ways parents can get involved

Gecko Garden School welcomes, values, and fosters parent participation in school life as integral to creating a healthy community for our children. Research shows that children make significantly greater progress when their parents are involved in their learning. As such, parent engagement is not only encouraged, but expected.

There are many opportunities for parents to get involved in life at Gecko Garden School:

  • Attend Parent/Teacher nights
    Each class holds a quarterly Parent/Teacher night, where parents meet their children’s teachers, socialize with each other, learn what their children are doing in the classroom, and ask questions. Families are encouraged to make sure at least one parent can attend each Parent/Teacher night, to be fully up to date on school activities!
  • Be a Class Parent
    Class Parents support the teachers in ensuring they have the support and materials they need to deliver a magical experience to our children. They also organise social events for the families and kind surprises for the teachers!
  • Join a Committee or Working Group
    Gecko Garden School has numerous ways for parents to engage and bring their passions to the school community. There is a Waldorf Working Group, an Environmental Sustainability Committee, a Festivals Committee, a Finance Oversight Committee, and the Board of Trustees to name a few.
  • School events
    Help out at school events such as festivals, or with projects to care for the facilities, like gardening, painting classrooms, or playground improvements.
  • Come to study group
    The Friends of Waldorf/Steiner Phnom Penh group organizes a bi-weekly study group on topics of interest to the study group community. Check the group’s Facebook page or ask in the office for updates on topics and meeting times.
  • Attend trainings
    Interested parents and community members are invited to attend trainings whenever the school is able to bring a Waldof mentor to Phnom Penh. Ask in the office for the current training schedule.

Don’t miss out on the fun

Just as Gecko Garden School creates a nurturing and safe environment for children to explore and grow, we also foster a welcoming community and network for parents. Getting involved is a great way to meet new people and feel connected in the community.