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Preparing for the first day

The first day of a school is always a big day for students, parents and teachers. For some there is a degree of anxiety as students take their first steps away from home or switch to a new school, and for others it is filled with excitement as friends and teachers reunite. Whatever your situation, our teaching staff are there to help.

Parents and caregivers are welcome to stay in the classroom for as short or as long as you feel is necessary. Our teaching staff have a lot of experience settling children and can help you or your child’s regular caregiver to gradually reduce your time in the classroom if your child needs extra support.

Please remember to dress your child in light and loose clothing every day. We also recommend you apply sunscreen and mosquito repellant to your child before school each morning.

In your child’s school bag please pack:

  • A change of clothes (including underwear);
  • A sunhat;
  • A water bottle;
  • Extra nappies/diapers and wipes if your child still uses these;
  • A bathing suit and towel for water play (on Fridays); and
  • A healthy, nut-free snack (although the school provides morning tea so this is not necessary).

Please make sure that your child’s school bag, any items of loose clothing, water bottle and snack box are labeled with their name. Parents are asked not to send toys to avoid them being lost or damaged.

Gecko Garden Preschool issues gate passes (with names and photographs) for parents and individuals who have parental permission to collect children from school. Parents may organise as many gate passes as required. Please remember to bring copies of passport photos for all these people to the school office at the start of the year so your passes can be issued.