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How Gecko Garden Preschool came to be

Gecko Garden Preschool is one of the most established and reputable international preschools in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Originating as the ‘Gecko’ and ‘Garden’ playgroups in the late 1990s, the two groups joined in 2001 to create the first parent-run preschool in Phnom Penh, accepting children aged four and five years. In August 2009 the school expanded to include younger children and the ‘Tadpole’ and ‘Frog’ classes were introduced for 18 months to three year olds.

With more than one thousand children welcomed in the years since, an incredibly loyal, motivated and caring group of international and local teachers, and an ethos that values play-based learning, multicultural diversity, and parent involvement, Gecko Garden Preschool remains a preschool of choice for expatriate and local families in Cambodia’s capital.

The Gecko Garden Preschool logo was designed with input from the Parent Management Group and teachers. The logo symbol represents the attributes we consider most important to our school.