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Four years of play-based learning

Gecko Garden Preschool offers four classes, with each building on the skills and learnings from the previous year. We start out with the Tadpole class, followed by the Frog class, then the Gecko class and finally the Garden class.

We have two international teachers, four Cambodian teachers and 12 teacher assistants under the guidance of the Director.

Every day features a mix of activities including arts & crafts, story-time, singing and music, outdoor play and morning tea (a healthy snack is prepared by our chef daily). Over the course of a typical week all classes visit the library to borrow books to take home, and participate in physical education and water play.

Each class has a volunteer Class Parent, who helps to ensure good communication between teachers, parents and school management. Check the school notice board or ask at the office for their contact details or volunteer to become your child’s Class Parent.