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There are many ways parents can get involved

Being parent-run and non-profit, Gecko Garden Preschool welcomes, values, and fosters parent participation in school life. Research shows that children make significantly greater progress when their parents are involved in their learning. To enable this we have an open-door policy regarding parental involvement in the classroom.

In light of the contribution parents make to the school every effort is made to keep fees low relative to other international preschools in Phnom Penh. In return, active parent involvement is not only encouraged, but expected.

There are many opportunities for parents to get involved in life at Gecko Garden Preschool:

  • Parent Management Group (PMG)
    Parents are welcome to join the PMG and become directly involved in matters of school direction and policy. Members are expected to attend monthly meetings and participate in project work throughout the year, which may include working on sub-committees, organising events and participating in recruitment exercises. It is not necessary for PMG members to have a teaching qualification or a teaching background – the main qualification is interest in supporting the success of Gecko Garden Preschool.
  • In the classroom
    Come and read your child’s favourite story, lead a music session or a craft activity, introduce a hobby or a skill to the children, or celebrate a national holiday or cultural event from your home country. Talk to your child’s teacher – they always have ideas about ways you can get involved that relate to weekly themes or special interests.
  • School events
    Help out at school events such as coordinating a game at the Halloween Party or setting up a stall at the annual flea market.
  • Working groups
    Join a working group for special projects around the school such as upgrading the paintings on the walls or re-organising the library.
  • Lunch-time supervision
    Parent volunteers are needed every other Wednesday to supervise our full-time students during their lunch hour while our staff participate in professional development training sessions together.
  • Other ways you can be involved
    Share ideas for social events, learning opportunities or anything else with your child’s teacher or class parent. Parents are free to talk to teachers about their child’s progress at any time, while structured parent-teacher conferences and written reports also occur regularly during the school year.

Don’t miss out on the fun

Just as Gecko Garden Preschool creates a nurturing and safe environment for children to explore and grow, we also foster a welcoming community and network for parents. Getting involved is a great way to meet new people, feel connected in the community and engage in your child’s learning journey.