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Our teaching and learning philosophy

At Gecko Garden Preschool, our aims are to:

  • Help children develop independence, self-respect, confidence and respect for others;
  • Provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment where children can make progress according to their interests and abilities in all areas of learning;
  • Generate a positive attitude towards learning and school;
  • Begin to instill the basic foundations of maths and literacy skills;
  • Help children acquire competence in speaking and listening in English.

We believe that:

  • Children need fair rules and these rules need to be applied every day;
  • Children develop at their own pace and in their own ways;
  • Children learn better when they feel good about themselves.

At Gecko Garden Preschool, we base all our teaching, learning and school activities on the principles that:

  • Children learn by doing and playing
    They love to experiment and we assist and encourage them as they learn to do many things independently.
  • The process is more important than the product
    With young children, the ultimate value of an activity is the experience of doing. The end result of an activity should not be a group of products that look exactly the same.
  • The creativity of each child is nurtured
    Children experiment and explore through music, dance and art. Through different media they respond to a variety of sensory experiences.
  • Every activity is an opportunity to help each child develop self-confidence
    Children are enabled to establish effective relationships with other children and adults through semi-structured activities.
  • Children best learn to exercise responsibility and self-control within a clear structure
    Teachers emphasise the importance of doing things cooperatively with other children, of sharing and of respecting the feelings, opinions and perspectives of others.