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Our Mission & Vision

The Gecko Garden Preschool Mission and Vision has been developed in consultation with parents and teachers. It explains who we are, what we value and what makes us a unique preschool in Phnom Penh.

Gecko Garden Preschool is:


  • We are led by a voluntary Parent Management Group (PMG) that makes sound decisions on behalf of parents;
  • We consider children, parents, staff and the school in our decision making processes;
  • Our PMG provides opportunities for parents to be involved, contribute ideas and use their skills for the successful management of the school; and
  • We have clear governance structures that clarify roles, responsibilities and processes.


  • We tailor learning to each child’s needs and potential;
  • We allow children to develop at their own pace; and
  • We support children to enjoy the learning process.


  • We value diversity as an opportunity to learn about other cultures; and
  • We communicate in English because of our different backgrounds.


  • We are owned by parents, and all fees paid by parents are invested into delivering quality education services and maintaining the success of the school; and
  • We apply fair and sound financial procedures to remain financially sustainable.

Socially Aware

  • We encourage our children to be socially and environmentally aware; and
  • We set a positive example by being considerate of others and the environment.

At Gecko Garden Preschool we offer:

Play-Based Learning

  • We encourage children to explore their environment, develop social skills, discover new concepts and be creative;
  • We allow children to learn through play; and
  • We provide an educational foundation to children.

A Nurturing Environment

  • We provide a family-like atmosphere where everyone knows everyone else;
  • We encourage families to build relationships outside the playground; and
  • We demonstrate respect and support for children, parents and staff.

Committed Staff

  • We retain experienced and motivated teachers;
  • We have a low turnover of staff to maintain stability; and
  • We offer ongoing professional development to improve the capabilities of our teachers.

At Gecko Garden Preschool we expect:

Active Parent Involvement

We recognise parents are the primary educators of preschool aged children, so:

  • We value the participation of parents, family members and/or caregivers in the classroom for the benefit of their children;
  • We provide other opportunities for parents to engage in school-related activities, recognising that families have different capacities to participate; and
  • We communicate with families to enable the learning process to be supported at home.